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Adagio Tea

What’s in the box?

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Eat At Recess

And now a post about food trucks! (because San Diego is so lucky to have so many different food trucks) Introducing quite possibly my favorite food truck ever… Eat At Recess! Amazing food, fast, friendly service, complete with the fun concept of everyone’s favorite time at elementary school… recess.

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The Secret Cookie Service

What can I say about the secret cookie service? I guess I could tell you how much I love it, how amazing their cookies are, how the service they provide makes UCSD the best college ever… or you know, I could just show you photos and hope that you’re lucky enough one day to try one of their many different cookies.

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I was on Twitter, simply scrolling through my TL when I saw the UCSD bookstore tweeting about pubcakes. PUBCAKES. I had wanted to go to their store and try some of their unique cupcakes ever since I heard about them, but never had the time since they are kind of far from UCSD.

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The Spot La Jolla

A little preface to this post: I work in a research lab at UCSD and I usually go once a week on Fridays around 2PM and stay until 10PM or so (unless we have animal surgeries planned, but that’s a different story). In any case, every so often, the people in our lab (we’re actually quite a small lab for all the different projects we have going on) go out for a late night dinner since all of us skip dinner while we work. Now there aren’t a lot of places that are open at 10:30PM or later unless you just want to go to a bar or a taco shop. So our choices are usually limited and we decided on The Spot La Jolla, which is a bar/restaurant.

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Another cupcake post! I’m sure soon I’ll run out of cupcake venus to review, but until then… I’m going to be making cupcake posts because I love cupcakes and I’m always looking for new places to try (as long as they’re close enough). In any case… here’s Cups located in downtown La Jolla.

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Restaurant Week – The French Gourmet

The next couple of posts will be photos from earlier this year/last year. And I might even update with photos from when I went abroad to do research in Japan this past summer or perhaps all the food I ate on the cruise before I went abroad. ;) This is mostly because finals are coming up for winter quarter and I don’t have time to go out and eat (unfortunately). But in any case, I won’t have any shortages of photos and this is a post about Restaurant Week at the beginning of 2012.

My friends J, J, and I (yes that’s two different people whose names start with the letter ‘j’) are all pretty similar in the sense that we all love food, eating, and taking photos of food… thus we decided to go out and enjoy restaurant week since it was only the second of winter quarter and we didn’t have too many commitments or tests coming up. In fact, we ended up going on MLK Day. The two of them left the choice of restaurant up to me… and so after looking at all the restaurants that were closest to La Jolla/UCSD in general and were $30 for their prix fixe menu… I ended up choosing The French Gourmet

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Birthday Cake Oreo

So I saw a photo of this on Tumblr first (or was it Twitter?) … and thought, if I found this somewhere, I absolutely needed to buy it. And as luck would have it, I went to my local CVS pharmacy to buy some Pop Chips (my favorites are the Salt & Vinegar and the Sour Cream & Onion), I spotted an entire stack of these by the cookies aisle… and so of course I bought a pack to try.

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Frosted Robin Cupcakes

And continuing from the previous post… my friend was kind enough to bring me cupcakes! (because I’m sure everyone knows that I love cupcakes and love trying cupcakes from as many different stores as possible) She was staying in downtown San Diego and had bought these that very morning before we met up for lunch in downtown La Jolla.

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Juice Kaboose

One of my elementary school friends came to visit today and because she was vegan, I gave her a list of restaurants and cafes in La Jolla that were vegan friendly and asked her to pick the one she wanted to try the most. And so we ended up at Juice Kaboose.

Juice Kaboose is located in downtown La Jolla and their motto is, as taken from their website, ” Organic – Gluten-Free – All Fresh – NO Concentrated Juices – Environmentally Friendly “! In a way, you could describe them as a super healthy Jamba Juice with fresher ingredients. They sell fruit and vegetable smoothies, as well as sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas, and super fruit bowls.

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