Frosted Robin Cupcakes

And continuing from the previous post… my friend was kind enough to bring me cupcakes! (because I’m sure everyone knows that I love cupcakes and love trying cupcakes from as many different stores as possible) She was staying in downtown San Diego and had bought these that very morning before we met up for lunch in downtown La Jolla.

I had never heard of Frosted Robin Cupcakes, so I went on their website to see what they were all about. It turns out they’re not just a cupcake store as they also sell imported jams and tea, gourmet chocolate… as well as special “robin eggs” – which are really just cake pops without the stick.

My friend bought me three cupcakes – all of which were nicely decorated, though it was sad to see that the frosting was a bit smudged on some of them. From left to right, we have: chocolate fudge, blue vanilla chocolate, and cayman spice. I was actually pretty excited when I first saw them before they looked so cute and I loved the decorations on top. I saved them for later due to the huge lunch I had, but I did end up eating them later that night as an indulgent (okay, really indulgent) dessert. Cupcakes are really best eaten on the day of – and it wouldn’t have been fair to post about them if I had let these cupcakes grow stale overnight.

Chocolate Blue Vanila

Nothing special. The chocolate cake itself was very plain… and not in a good way. The chocolate flavor wasn’t there and it was unfortunately dry. The blue vanilla frosting had a consistency that was slightly heavier than buttercream, but again, nothing special. In addition, I couldn’t truly taste a heavy vanilla flavor that I prefer when I’m eating vanilla frosting. However, the pastel blue was a nice touch, as was the pink butterfly on top. Sadly, this cupcake was forgettable.

Cayman Spice.

This one was probably the best out of the three, though the competition wasn’t exactly hard to beat. The cake itself wasn’t as dry as the chocolate cupcakes, but it still wasn’t moist enough for my liking. However, I did enjoy the taste – it was like eating a spice cake in cupcake form. The frosting had a light, airy coconut aftertaste that was very unique and my favorite thing about it. Though I do have to say that I could not taste the coconut in the cake itself as the spices (cinnamon, mostly) overpowered it completely. While I enjoyed this cupcake and found it to be unique, as most cupcake stores that do offer coconut cupcakes always feel the need to add on coconut shavings (which I find tedious), I wouldn’t drive all the way down to Seaport Village for it.

Chocolate Fudge

By this point, I was no longer excited, but I do love ganache… so I did have some hope for this cupcake since it exuded a heady chocolate aroma from the frosting itself. I tried the ganache frosting and found myself wondering what the texture of it was most closely related to. It was a bit weird… and for some reason it felt a little grainy – but not in the way you can actually taste particles within it. I guess it’s a more chocolate-heavy than cream-heavy ganache frosting. That or they didn’t melt the chocolate well enough. I can’t say I like it or dislike it – it’s really a personal preference. I can say that I enjoyed the richness of it, unlike the vanilla frosting. The cake however, was again, disappointing.

Overall, I’m not a fan of Frosted Robin Cupcakes – though they do seem to have some (and to use an adjective from their website) exotic flavors that I would like to try, such as Lychee Rose and Watermelon. Also, if you’re interested in finding out what flavors they have available each day, go to their cupcake page on the website and look for the flavors that have an asterisk next to them.

Frosted Robin Cupcakes
859 W Harbor Dr. Ste. B, San Diego, CA 92101 


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