Birthday Cake Oreo

So I saw a photo of this on Tumblr first (or was it Twitter?) … and thought, if I found this somewhere, I absolutely needed to buy it. And as luck would have it, I went to my local CVS pharmacy to buy some Pop Chips (my favorites are the Salt & Vinegar and the Sour Cream & Onion), I spotted an entire stack of these by the cookies aisle… and so of course I bought a pack to try.

The moment you open the package, an overwhelming sweetness of the birthday cake filling hits you. It’s honestly almost sickeningly sweet. But in a good way. A really good way. (though perhaps not for those of you who don’t enjoy overly sweet desserts)

Upon first glance, nothing about the cookie itself seems different…

But then you turn it around, you see that they’ve gone through the trouble of minting their cookies with a birthday candle and an “oreo 100” for their 100th birthday. In my opinion, they’ve actually made the cookies thicker than their usual Oreos, which makes for more chocolate cookie, unfortunately. If I’m eating Oreos by themselves, then I usually lament the fact that there are two sides to the cookie and not enough of the filling. However, it’s a different story when it comes to oreos in baked goods or a McFlurry.

I think I still prefer the original design. But there you have it, two sides of the same cookie.

Taking off one of the halves shows the new birthday cake filling. It is like funfetti cake in frosting form. Or really, just funfetti frosting. The rainbow bits inside the filling are slightly crunchy and the entire filling itself is sinfully sweet – but well balanced by the chocolate of the cookies. It is definitely sweeter than your usual oreo filling and there is more in each cookie so that it’s almost like a double-stuffed oreo.

All in all, these birthday cake oreo cookies are your usual oreo cookies with funfetti frosting sandwiched in between. They almost cross that line between sickeningly sweet and “I’m eating pure sugar”. I would not recommend eating more than two or three in one sitting… for your own good. ;)


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