The Spot La Jolla

A little preface to this post: I work in a research lab at UCSD and I usually go once a week on Fridays around 2PM and stay until 10PM or so (unless we have animal surgeries planned, but that’s a different story). In any case, every so often, the people in our lab (we’re actually quite a small lab for all the different projects we have going on) go out for a late night dinner since all of us skip dinner while we work. Now there aren’t a lot of places that are open at 10:30PM or later unless you just want to go to a bar or a taco shop. So our choices are usually limited and we decided on The Spot La Jolla, which is a bar/restaurant.

The bar side was packed when we walked in so we were seated in the restaurant side, which in contrast, was pretty empty. If they were showing replays of football (European soccer) matches on the TVs by the bar, I would have rather sat there, but they were showing rugby instead.

In any case… the four of us: T, J, H, and I (ironically the initial of my first name is I) sat down to order, looking over the choices. T and H ordered beers while J and I perused the cocktail menu. J ordered a Midori Sour and I ordered a La Jolla Sunsplash.

The La Jolla Sunsplash was decent, although it was really quite sweet… too sweet for my taste. In fact, it was sweet enough to cover the taste of the alcohol. But I guess with the Chambord, grenadine syrup, orange juice, and peach schnapps, it was bound to be sweeter than usual.

We ordered to share… and ended up ordering four items in total: one appetizer and three main courses.

First up were the onion rings. The portion was extremely generous; it was literally a huge stack of onion rings, sprinkled with parmesan cheese throughout. They were crispy and right out of the fryer; full of flavor and quite a good start to the meal. Sadly, the onion and the breading separated easily and so sometimes it was like eating an onion ring without the onion. I would have loved some ranch to dip them in, but they were still fine without it.

Next came the fish and chips. Loved the chips (french fries) because they were extra crispy on the outside but still soft and mushy on the inside. I don’t know if mushy is the right word because people tend to associate mush with unpleasant things, but I love soft French fries. Another plus was that they weren’t very greasy. The fish was also well done, flaky and buttery soft fish and perfectly fried; but there were only three strips so J and I shared one. Overall, not a bad choice.

Then out came the medium combination pizza that we had ordered. This… was the worst dish of the entire night. Personally, I love pizza with extra tomato sauce. This pizza? No tomato sauce at all. I was so disappointed. For this alone, I wouldn’t come back because the pizza was just so bad – everyone else thought it was just so-so.

I peeled back the cheese and toppings after taking the first bite because I couldn’t taste the tomato sauce and then I found that there was no tomato sauce at all. The worst thing was that the pizza was $22.50, for that price I would have rather gone to Regents Pizzeria. In fact, I would have rather gone to Costco for their combination pizza. This pizza was hardly better than your regular school cafeteria pizza, I’m not sorry to say.

After the pizza was the fall salad with salmon. This was a very hearty salad. I didn’t particularly enjoy the dressing but the bleu cheese crumbles, the greens, the pieces of roasted squash, and the glazed walnuts all complemented each other wonderfully.

We skipped dessert because we were all full at that point… and it was past 12AM anyway. :p

Overall, I wasn’t very impressed with this restaurant. But I suppose it’s more of a bar than a restaurant – which is probably why all their fried foods were spot-on. I doubt I’ll come back if I have the choice as there are many other restaurants in downtown La Jolla to try.

The Spot
1005 Prospect Street La Jolla, CA 92037 


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