I was on Twitter, simply scrolling through my TL when I saw the UCSD bookstore tweeting about pubcakes. PUBCAKES. I had wanted to go to their store and try some of their unique cupcakes ever since I heard about them, but never had the time since they are kind of far from UCSD.

I was actually in the library at the time… and immediately packed up my things and went to Perks, the coffee shop on the first floor of the bookstore to have a look for myself. And yes, yes they were selling Pubcakes. How long this has been going on, I have no idea because I don’t drink coffee so I never go to the coffee shops on campus. BUT THERE THEY WERE. Perks was only offering three flavors: Super Pretzel, Irish Carbomb and Cup O’Hefen. I opted for the Super Pretzel because it was peanut butter and chocolate and I was curious as to how it would compare to Cups’ PB Cup, which I love. One thing though, I can’t tell if my cupcake was the regular size or the mini (even after scrutinizing photos on yelp)… but I’m going to go with the regular size seeing as how it was decently sized. Seeing as how I didn’t really want more than one regular sized cupcake (blasphemy, I know), I opted to just buy one.

I also quickly went online to check the pricing for a cupcake on Pubcakes’ website to find that their mini cupcakes are $1.75 each and the regular sized cupcakes are $3.50. Not that bad, especially for the mini cupcakes as Cups sell theirs for $2 and $4 respectively. I do believe that our university’s coffee shop was only selling the regular sized ones but I can’t be sure because they were charging $2.99 for one… so either Pubcakes are losing profit/UCSD has some sort of deal with them or… (as I think it may be) UCSD is ripping off students (as they usually do).

Perks, $2.99
Super Pretzel

Website description: Bear Republic® Big Bear Black Stout chocolate cake, pretzels, peanut butter buttercream and a chocolate shell

Pretzel: Soft and no longer crunchy – but the slight saltiness was a nice contrast to how sweet the peanut butter buttercream frosting was.

Frosting: The peanut butter taste is not as prevalent as the peanut butter frosting on Cups’ PB Cup. However it is very smooth and very creamy.

Chocolate shell: Good combination with the peanut butter buttercream frosting, but not as rich as the chocolate ganache shell on Cups’ PB Cup.

Cake: Absolutely amazing, a little dry and crumbly but it didn’t matter. The taste completely blew me away. You could taste the beer but it wasn’t overwhelming and it is the best aftertaste. The chocolate is evident but the beer is the stronger of the two flavors (which I prefer). The cake itself wasn’t sweet so it was a fantastic compliment to the frosting.

Such a fun concept… especially for those who love beer and cupcakes. After eating half of it and putting the other half aside, I could actually taste the stout as if I had drank some. And you can definitely smell the alcohol from the cake, which makes it all the more unique. All in all, I loved it… and I can’t wait to go to the actual store itself to try their rotating flavors.

7229 El Cajon Blvd San Diego, CA 92115 


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