The Secret Cookie Service

What can I say about the secret cookie service? I guess I could tell you how much I love it, how amazing their cookies are, how the service they provide makes UCSD the best college ever… or you know, I could just show you photos and hope that you’re lucky enough one day to try one of their many different cookies.

Let me give you the DL about this magical delivery service: it was started by a UCSD graduate student who is using his mom’s secret cookie recipe to churn out all sorts of fantastic cookies. He is apparently known as Agent Snickerdoodle (though I think Agent SD would be a cooler code name as it could also stand for San Diego) and he is identified by his shades, his suit, and his briefcase. Every night (except Fridays) the cookie flavors are posted and there are top secret deals that make everything even sweeter. You then text or call in your order and provide the necessary information. He delivers anywhere on UCSD campus and the La Jolla area – and delivery is $1 for the UCSD campus and $2 for everywhere else. More information can be found on the facebook page (link at the bottom of the page, as always) and there is talk of a new website for the secret cookie service.

And now onto the cookies.

Now, the cookies are delivered in a brown paper bag and then there are two cookies in each paper sleeve (you have to order cookies in multiples of two). A piece of paper with all of their information is stapled to the front of the bag… and on the back of this piece of paper, there is a list of all the basic ingredients that they use in their cookies.

Original Chocolate Chip

Super soft, super moist, and absolutely delicious. Their cookies are flat, but not thin. The edges are slightly crunchy and everything else is amazingly soft. They manage to pull off a moist and soft cookie without the added puffiness that other heavier cookies usually have. Their cookies are also paler in comparison to other chocolate chip cookies – and I suspect that it’s because they don’t use brown sugar in their recipe… or at least it’s not included on their list of ingredients that is stapled to the back of every order.

Oatmeal Raisin

Oatmeal raisin cookies are probably my favorite and so I had high expectations for this one. You could definitely taste the spices that usually go into an oatmeal raisin cookie and even though you couldn’t see the oats, you could still tell that there is the added texture of the grain. The only disappointment for me with this cookie was the fact that there weren’t many raisins in each one, otherwise I loved it. But that’s a personal preference – since I do enjoy chunkier, meatier cookies when it comes to oatmeal raisin. However, if you like the base of an oatmeal raisin cookie, then you’ll love this cookie because there aren’t many raisins and the ones that are in the cookie are easy to pick out.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Original chocolate chip had been my favorite until I tried this one… and oh my god, this one is perfection. It is a chocolate chip cookie with chopped Andes mints sprinkled liberally on top. And because the Andes mint chunks are so big and partly baked with the cookie, you can taste the mint throughout the cookie. It is absolutely amazing. And as it was with the original chocolate chip, it is super soft and moist. I swear I could eat at least half a dozen of these cookies without trying if no one stopped me. They honestly are that good.


I am admittedly not a fan of M&Ms… except the peanut M&Ms, so this cookie wasn’t a huge hit with me. However, I think M&M is one of their most popular cookies – so if you love M&Ms, this is the cookie for you. I do love how cute and colorful it is though. I also feel that this cookie is fluffier and less moist than the others, possibly due to the fact that this one has a longer baking time – but amazingly, the softness is not compromised – neither is the color of the cookie.

All of the cookies together…

And as I’d previously mentioned the top secret deals… they also sell milk to go along with their cookies – but if you choose one of their top secret deals, you can get a “free” milk in your order. Why the quotation marks? Well, I’ve done the math for their deals… usually it’s $3 for 2 cookies or $5 for 4 cookies. So with one of the top secret deals… you get 8 cookies and a milk for $10. They sell their milk for $1.50 and if you add that to the cost of 8 cookies ($10)… you’re getting a “free” milk in your order. So you’re probably wondering why you wouldn’t simply always just choose the top secret deal over buying cookies by themselves… the catch is that you don’t get to choose the kind of cookies you receive because the top secret deals are always a set menu. Personally I prefer having more of one kind than another (for example, I would rather not have any M&M cookies and more of the mint chocolate chip) and so it’s worth it for me to skip the milk and go for more of the cookies I enjoy.

And here are cookies from another purchase…

Cookies and Cream

This was my second least favorite, right above the M&M cookie. Even though it was as soft and as moist as all the other flavors, I didn’t like how they blended the Oreo cookies into the batter. Perhaps it was because I had envisioned their usual cookie base with chunks of Oreo cookies substituting for chocolate chips instead of having Oreo crumbs in the batter. I was really surprised to find out that this was their second most popular cookie!


This is a cookie for people who enjoy marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies. I can’t say I truly liked this cookie because the Hershey chocolate they melted on top of the cookie along with the marshmallows detracted from the cookie itself. Though I do understand why they used Hershey’s chocolate, as it is the first chocolate you associate with a s’more when you think of the ingredients that goes into making one – I mean, who’s heard of a s’more made with Lindt chocolate? In any case, I think I’d prefer the original chocolate chip over this one as I could do without the marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate on top.

I have ordered from The Secret Cookie Service three times now and every time their cookies are amazing without fail. I’m honestly very much impressed with their quality control. And I have to say, I’ve gotten a little obsessed with their cookies… so much that I’ve methodically (but not extensively) experimented with these ingredients in various proportions to see if I could replicate their cookies… but so far, no luck. I’m still looking for a recipe that’s close to what they make.

In any case, this is how I would rank my preferences out of the ones I’ve tried: mint chocolate chip, original chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, s’mores, cookies and cream, and M&M.

The Secret Cookie Service
Top Secret Undisclosed Location, La Jolla, CA 92092
Facebook Page


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