Eat At Recess

And now a post about food trucks! (because San Diego is so lucky to have so many different food trucks) Introducing quite possibly my favorite food truck ever… Eat At Recess! Amazing food, fast, friendly service, complete with the fun concept of everyone’s favorite time at elementary school… recess.

First off, I love their concept of recess and brown bag lunches. It’s just a great way to distract from the drab environment of an office cubicle (or lecture hall…). They make the wait for food easier with their Xbox Kinect – you can either watch music videos on it or play games against the other people there waiting for their order. But if you’re too busy, you can always order online and they’ll kindly text you when your order is ready to be picked up! They have a set schedule of where they visit on their website and their Twitter. Sometimes they serve breakfast, but they will always serve lunch.

And everyone remembers tater tots, right? The tater tots were always my favorite part of a school lunch in elementary school. They’re so much more fun to eat than french fries and they were always the most delicious item on the menu. With regards to their food… the meats they use (beef, chicken, and pork) are raised on farms that are Certified Humane – in addition, they also use organic and fresh local ingredients to make their food.

Their entire menu is also posted on their website… and is most likely a lot easier to read than the picture I have here. But in any case, they have hot sandwiches (which I highly recommend), cold sandwiches, sides, salads, beverages, and even dessert in the form of a rice crispy that’s been taken to a new level with white chocolate and macadamia nuts. (that I have yet to try, but I plan to) All the items on their menu have awesome names like AP tots, Red Light/Green Light, and Capture the Cobb.

This photo was taken on an overcast day in San Diego and were from my latest trip to Eat at Recess. I usually end up driving over to their Monday or Wednesday locations since those are the places closest to UCSD.

The Grilled Cheese Totwich

You know how sometimes you eat a grilled cheese sandwich and there’s just not enough volume? There’s the melted cheese and the bread that’s been perfectly grilled with butter in the pan… but when you finish it – or perhaps while you’re in the middle of eating one… you feel like something’s missing.

And that’s the beauty of the totwich. You have everything that is already perfect from your usual grilled cheese sandwich, but you add in two ingredients that really bring this sandwich up to another level: tater tots and BBQ sauce. You bite in and you taste the slightly crunchy sourdough, then comes the meatiness of the tater tots that have been smothered with a tangy BBQ sauce (which is an amazing combination), and last but not least, you get the gooey-ness of the melted cheese that ensconces everything like a soft, warm blanket. And this… this is the grilled cheese totwich.

(I may have gone a little overboard with the photos)

Boylan’s Black Cherry Soda

For the longest time I’ve hated cherry soda. It just tasted… fake. But then I started enjoying maraschino cherries and it all went downhill from there. I don’t drink a lot of soda, but when I do… I end up choosing between Coca Cola (no Pepsi for me!) or a Boylan’s soda. Boylan’s soda has been described as 「adult」 soda… which was intriguing because shouldn’t kids not drink soda anyway? Rots their teeth and causes diabetes. ANYWAY.

Boylan’s sodas are pretty damn good and Recess carries quite a few of their most popular flavors… but my favorite is the black cherry. It’s not overly sweet (as can be in the case of other brands) but there’s that definite punch of cherry in the drink. You can buy Boylan’s sodas at World Market stores and possibly other specialty drink stores. (I once bought some at SFO on my way back to San Diego). The really cool thing about Recess is that they make a special Shirley Temple with two of Boylan’s sodas: ginger ale and black cherry. They also add a maraschino cherry on top to complete it.

Regular Tots

Perfectly seasoned, perfectly done. Definitely takes you back to the elementary school days where you would line up during lunch to grab one of those Styrofoam trays and choose between the usual plastic-like foods… except for the tater tots. Those were always fresh and delicious. And if you were too late, they would be gone.

And now some photos from my first trip to Eat At Recess…

I have also tried the AP tots (having taken many APs myself… and also because I love truffle oil + feta cheese) and they were fantastic as well, even though I think I’ll probably just stick to the regular tots because they’re enough to satisfy my craving for tater tots.

In addition to the AP tots, I had also gotten The Bully… which is their version of a bacon cheeseburger, I suppose you could say. I loved it because their BBQ sauce has that kick and their patty was thick and juicy, not to mention the grilled onions and bacon on top! In hindsight I should have taken better (more) photos, but I was too excited to try it and only took one photo, hah.

I have yet to try their cold sandwiches and salads… but come on, you’ve got to live a little, order some 『tots… it’s recess!

Eat At Recess
Location: Rotation!


2 thoughts on “Eat At Recess

  1. Linda says:

    My co-worker and I have a standing date every Thursday to eat at Recess. Their food is very fresh. One of the perks of ordering on line is you get an extra topping (free) for your “Build Your Own” salad. The Rice Krispy bricks are delicious too.

    • I’ve never tried their salads! (mostly because I’m always already looking at their less healthy choices, but shh…) And I think I’ll have to try their Rice Krispy bricks the next time I visit… it’s been a really long time since I’ve had a rice krispy. Sad thing is that my new schedule probably won’t allow for many visits in the near future. :(

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