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I love food trucks and all the ones in San Diego are such quality. Hoangies is no exception. I’m so glad I accidentally discovered them last Friday when I was driving back from the post office after retrieving my package of Australian snacks.

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Snack Swap… with Australia!

So… there’s this community on livejournal where you can sign up to swap snacks with someone else in a different country. You turn in an application and then you are paired up with someone. After that you get in contact with your swap partner, exchange emails to find out likes and dislikes (this is the time when you make requests for specific items!)… go out and buy everything, ship it out… and wait for your package to arrive!

I had been dying to do this for a very long time… and now, I finally got the chance to do it. :) My partner was from Australia and it was her first snack swap as well, so we were both learning as we went. I ended up sending her about $30 worth of snacks in a large priority box and thus shipping cost around $60. So it’s not cheap, kids. If you want to participate, you’d better be willing to throw down some serious cash for your snacks… otherwise, you might as well just order from online.

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In the dead of the night… a mysterious package arrives…

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Biscoff Cookies

Biscoff? What is that, you say? Well, I’m sure Europeans are no stranger to this confection… and maybe some of you well-traveled readers know of this too. But in any case, this is a post about Biscoff spread used to make a cookie and the recipe is from Kirbie Cravings. (you’ll find that I use a lot of recipes from her because her food blog is awesome)

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Brick & Bell Cafe

Brick and Bell Cafe! (apologies for the skewed photo) Apparently it’s one of the stops on the La Jolla edition of Bite San Diego Food Walking Tours and the description is: “The brickyard bakery and bistro with famous scones La Jollans swear by.” And because I didn’t want to take the walking tour (I walk enough on campus anyway), I simply decided to vist this place by myself on a weekday, around 10AM or so (because I had heard that they sold out of their baked goods relatively fast).

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Dharma Dogs

Food trucks are popular in San Diego and my hope is to try at least 75% of them once before I graduate (though I’m not sure if that’ll actually pan out seeing as how my schedule is going to be hectic this quarter… and even more so next year when I’m an RA). But nevertheless… another food truck post, this time about Dharma Dogs.

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Mint Chocolate Chunks Chocolate Chip Cookies

So this is a recipe post! (yes I do actually make some of my own food once in a while… if I’m not too lazy, haha) Inspiration is taken from The Secret Cookie Service and a chocolate chip cookie post on Kirbie’s Cravings. :)

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My friends always ask me why I love going home so much (I go home as often as possible – heck, I even go back for my birthday, which is in October)… and one of the main reasons why is because my family and I always go to amazing restaurants, new or old favorites. And so this spring break, my family and I went to Napa for brunch at Redd. (we also went to Bouchon Bakery, but that might be a post for a later time)

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