Dharma Dogs

Food trucks are popular in San Diego and my hope is to try at least 75% of them once before I graduate (though I’m not sure if that’ll actually pan out seeing as how my schedule is going to be hectic this quarter… and even more so next year when I’m an RA). But nevertheless… another food truck post, this time about Dharma Dogs.

Sadly I don’t think Dharma Dogs is currently operating… in March, they announced on their Twitter that they were relocating from San Diego to the Bay Area. And since then, I’m not sure if they’ve actually re-opened and started up again. So I’m glad I got to try their hotdogs and donuts before their hiatus.

The best thing about Dharma Dogs was the fact that they were one of the few food trucks that were open until 2AM almost every night. Unfortunately for me, they were usually open in downtown San Diego… but one day, they stationed themselves closer to La Jolla/UCSD and for lunch, no less… so of course I drove over to give them a try.

They give you a menu when you walk up to their food truck and everything is very fairly priced. I was debating whether to go for the donuts or the fries as a side… and well, I love dessert, so donuts won over the french fries (even though I love garlic fries). In the end, I ordered a Baja dog without mustard (I hate mustard) and three donuts, one of each flavor.

The bun is nicely toasted and it was really hot when they handed it to me, I almost couldn’t hold it long enough to take a photo, but I managed… and then decided to take photos of the donuts when I got home.

I actually really liked the hot dog and all the toppings, but I felt that it was a really small hotdog and not really enough to fill you up when you’re hungry. Usually I slather my hot dogs with ketchup (I love ketchup), but I found that I didn’t have to do it this time as the toppings were fantastic complements to your basic hot dog. However, given the price, I think I would rather go to Costco and have one of their polish dogs instead. But if it was late at night and I was in downtown San Diego, I would definitely buy one.

Original glaze, pumpkin glaze, and chocolate glaze. There were some rave reviews about these donuts on Yelp, so I was definitely intrigued. But… I’m not sure if I was wowed by them. I did like that they were freshly fried and made to order. The glazes were still wet when I started on the donuts and I didn’t really enjoy that – also they were really small. I think I’ve been spoiled by my travels because I love Timbits from Tim Horton’s in Canada (and in select states in the USA)… and I also love Mister Donut in Taiwan and Japan. Compared to those two stores, these donuts just couldn’t compete.

Overall, the service was great, fast, friendly. The food was decent, but served in small portions. All the best to them in the Bay Area!

Dharma Dogs


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