Brick & Bell Cafe

Brick and Bell Cafe! (apologies for the skewed photo) Apparently it’s one of the stops on the La Jolla edition of Bite San Diego Food Walking Tours and the description is: “The brickyard bakery and bistro with famous scones La Jollans swear by.” And because I didn’t want to take the walking tour (I walk enough on campus anyway), I simply decided to vist this place by myself on a weekday, around 10AM or so (because I had heard that they sold out of their baked goods relatively fast).

The place was bustling by the time I got there; the tables outside were packed and the inside was pretty full too. Luckily for me, I was only there for the scones and not the hot beverages or else I would have probably have had to wait at least 15 minutes before leaving. Service is fast and efficient and when it was my turn, I asked the cashier about the selection of the scones available. She rattled off a long list of scones (too many that I don’t remember) and I quickly decided on two. Cranberry and blueberry.

Amazing display of scones. Lots and lots of scones.

They also have other baked goods (as you can see, there are cinnamon rolls on the very left and muffins on the right). Maybe I’ll go back and try some next time.

One cranberry (in the back) and one blueberry (in the front).

The raspberry looked so perfect and so pretty with its generous sprinkling of sugar on top. But the cranberries were so sour. Well, they were really sour at first, but then as I continued eating it, I started to love how sour the cranberries were.

The blueberry scone just refused to photograph. So I ate it.

Both scones were amazingly fluffy and dense at once. You can absolutely taste the cream and butter in each bite. It’s not hard or crunchy outside, but rather it’s like a perfect crust. For those of you who have had Red Lobster’s amazing garlic butter biscuits, these are like three times bigger and sweet instead of savory. My only gripe is that the scones weren’t sweet enough for my sweet tooth. But I think most people will love these scones with a coffee or tea. I’m just picky because I love sweet things. >:D

Brick & Bell Cafe
928 Silverado Street La Jolla, CA 92037
(no website)


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