In the dead of the night… a mysterious package arrives…

And okay, to preface the rest of this post, I want to apologize for the lack of updates. But spring quarter is really time-intensive and I’m usually too tired to write stuff by the time I get home. (instead I watch TV or read ASOIAF) I actually have a lot of photos ready and separated into folders for future posts, it’s just that I’m too lazy to write up an entry for it. If this were simply a “post food photos” blog, then I guess I’d be set. :p Anyway, onto what was inside the package…

It was an entire case of soda! And a lovely card! I kind of had a suspicion of what was inside, but it wasn’t until I picked up the package and brought it inside that my suspicions were confirmed. It was really heavy… and so of course, it was soda! But not just any soda… Cascal Soda.

You can already see their signature logo peeking out from the envelope… (speaking of envelopes, I should probably go buy a card for my mom since Mother’s Day is coming soon…)

And inside was a lovely handwritten note from Cascal! (I photoshopped my name out, haha) But yes, as the note says, I won one of their many (generous) giveaways! If you follow them on Twitter or add them on Facebook, you’ll see that they host giveaways quite often. (hint: I recommend that you follow them in one fashion or the other)

So now I have a twelve case of soda. And of course the first thing I do is take photos. (and then I try a can)

I’m sure everyone was dying to know what flavor it was. It’s Berry Cassis! It has hints of black currant, tangerine, and lemon flavors… and it is best paired with hummus and pita chips as well as tandoori chicken. (as it is suggested by the website)

All together now. Makes for a pretty presentation. :)

The best part of Cascal? ONLY 80 CALORIES A CAN. That’s right. EIGHTY. And the thing is, it is 12 fluid ounces… which is the same amount of liquid as you would find in a can of Coke. However, a can of Coke (classic) has 140 calories.

Some nutrition facts for you… and in continuing with the comparison: Cascal has 15g of sugar per can – however, Coke contains 39g of sugar… that’s about 2.5x the amount of sugar in the same amount of liquid!

But of course, I know Coke isn’t the best comparison because we all know it’s one of the worst sodas you can drink… so how about a comparison with Izze? I feel like the best comparison in taste for Cascal is Izze as both, stripped down, are basically selling fizzy fruit drinks. In fact, I find that Cascal’s Berry Cassis tastes a lot like Izze’s Sparkling Blackberry (who else is surprised?) However, Cascal is not as sweet and not as fizzy as Izze – which is why I prefer Cascal to Izze.

Side by side comparison:

Cascal (Berry Cassis): 355mL, 80 calories, 15g sugar. 18g carbohydrate, 30mg sodium
Izze (Sparkling Blackberry):  355mL, 130 calories, 29g sugar, 31g carbohydrate, 25mg sodium

As you can see, Cascal is healthier in every aspect except for the amount of sodium… but that’s in milligrams and 5 milligrams is not such a big difference considering all the sodium that we consume daily from other sources anyway.

Cascal is pretty awesome and I’d recommend giving them a try when you want a healthy soda. I can’t wait to try out their other flavors (they have a total of five!). Also, they sell their products in Whole Foods and Bristol Farms. If you live in San Diego, the Bristol Farms near Costa Verde sells them!



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