Canadian Snacks

So after my snack swap with Australia… which people on Twitter saw. One of my friends in Canada, M., was amazingly generous. She simply offered to send me snack from Canada because she wanted me to try them! How wonderful is that? There are a lot of snacks that both the States and Canada have, so she sent me a sampling of the snacks that we definitely don’t carry here in our grocery stores. Her package arrived super quick and everything inside was delicious. THANK YOU M. <3

The entire haul. >:D Lots of maple snacks because Canada is of course famous for their maple syrup and other maple confections. (she asked if I wanted to try maple mustard or something like that… but I politely declined because I dislike mustard in all forms, hehe).

An abstract postcard.

A really cute beaver keychain. WHICH WAS TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. (but very welcome)!

MAPLE SYRUP! I’m not going to open this until I go home for the summer so that my family can try it when I make pancakes or waffles. :) But I know this is going to be so much better than the generic maple syrup that we have here in the stores.

Maple candies!

Out of the package…

And you see a maple leaf! These are surprisingly not as sweet as you might expect. In fact, they’re just the right amount of sweetness with the subtle taste of maple syrup that just melts in your mouth. They remind me of molasses/burnt brown sugar.

Maple fudge! Haven’t opened this yet, but I’m sure it’ll be amazing because I love fudge in general.

A large lollipop version of the smaller maple candies. I’ll save this for finals week so that I have something to distract from all the fun classes I’ll have to study for.

CLODHOPPERS! I’ve never heard of these before she asked me about them. Apparently they are seasonal and so she had to go hunt down the last bag for me, hehe. They are vanilla fudge covered graham cracker wafer clusters and they are absolutely delicious.

The vanilla fudge is reminiscent of the outer coating of Circus Animals, but what really makes the difference are the graham cracker wafers. I think I could snack on those alone because they’re so crunchy and I love wafers.

Saving the best for last… All Dressing Crispers are honestly the best. I can now say that All Dressing is my new favorite flavor. I really wish they sold potato chips and other chips with this flavor. They are honestly what the name implies. ALL DRESSING.

I could taste salt and vinegar, BBQ, chipotle, and bacon. It was… awesome. I love foods that have heavy/strong flavoring and these really hit the spot. Honestly my favorite thing in the entire package! But I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so far (so much in fact, that I’ve barely touched the Australian snacks… oops. But it’s okay because most of the things left are chocolates that can last for a while yet)

Thank you again M!! This post is dedicated to you. :)


One thought on “Canadian Snacks

  1. grace says:

    lucky you to have so many new snack to try with good taste of maple syrup. she is very generous.

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