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Biscoff Cookies

Biscoff? What is that, you say? Well, I’m sure Europeans are no stranger to this confection… and maybe some of you well-traveled readers know of this too. But in any case, this is a post about Biscoff spread used to make a cookie and the recipe is from Kirbie Cravings. (you’ll find that I use a lot of recipes from her because her food blog is awesome)

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Mint Chocolate Chunks Chocolate Chip Cookies

So this is a recipe post! (yes I do actually make some of my own food once in a while… if I’m not too lazy, haha) Inspiration is taken from The Secret Cookie Service and a chocolate chip cookie post on Kirbie’s Cravings. :)

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The Secret Cookie Service

What can I say about the secret cookie service? I guess I could tell you how much I love it, how amazing their cookies are, how the service they provide makes UCSD the best college ever… or you know, I could just show you photos and hope that you’re lucky enough one day to try one of their many different cookies.

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Birthday Cake Oreo

So I saw a photo of this on Tumblr first (or was it Twitter?) … and thought, if I found this somewhere, I absolutely needed to buy it. And as luck would have it, I went to my local CVS pharmacy to buy some Pop Chips (my favorites are the Salt & Vinegar and the Sour Cream & Onion), I spotted an entire stack of these by the cookies aisle… and so of course I bought a pack to try.

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