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I was on Twitter, simply scrolling through my TL when I saw the UCSD bookstore tweeting about pubcakes. PUBCAKES. I had wanted to go to their store and try some of their unique cupcakes ever since I heard about them, but never had the time since they are kind of far from UCSD.

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Another cupcake post! I’m sure soon I’ll run out of cupcake venus to review, but until then… I’m going to be making cupcake posts because I love cupcakes and I’m always looking for new places to try (as long as they’re close enough). In any case… here’s Cups located in downtown La Jolla.

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Frosted Robin Cupcakes

And continuing from the previous post… my friend was kind enough to bring me cupcakes! (because I’m sure everyone knows that I love cupcakes and love trying cupcakes from as many different stores as possible) She was staying in downtown San Diego and had bought these that very morning before we met up for lunch in downtown La Jolla.

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