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Restaurant Week – The French Gourmet

The next couple of posts will be photos from earlier this year/last year. And I might even update with photos from when I went abroad to do research in Japan this past summer or perhaps all the food I ate on the cruise before I went abroad. ;) This is mostly because finals are coming up for winter quarter and I don’t have time to go out and eat (unfortunately). But in any case, I won’t have any shortages of photos and this is a post about Restaurant Week at the beginning of 2012.

My friends J, J, and I (yes that’s two different people whose names start with the letter ‘j’) are all pretty similar in the sense that we all love food, eating, and taking photos of food… thus we decided to go out and enjoy restaurant week since it was only the second of winter quarter and we didn’t have too many commitments or tests coming up. In fact, we ended up going on MLK Day. The two of them left the choice of restaurant up to me… and so after looking at all the restaurants that were closest to La Jolla/UCSD in general and were $30 for their prix fixe menu… I ended up choosing The French Gourmet

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