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Brick & Bell Cafe

Brick and Bell Cafe! (apologies for the skewed photo) Apparently it’s one of the stops on the La Jolla edition of Bite San Diego Food Walking Tours and the description is: “The brickyard bakery and bistro with famous scones La Jollans swear by.” And because I didn’t want to take the walking tour (I walk enough on campus anyway), I simply decided to vist this place by myself on a weekday, around 10AM or so (because I had heard that they sold out of their baked goods relatively fast).

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The Secret Cookie Service

What can I say about the secret cookie service? I guess I could tell you how much I love it, how amazing their cookies are, how the service they provide makes UCSD the best college ever… or you know, I could just show you photos and hope that you’re lucky enough one day to try one of their many different cookies.

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The Spot La Jolla

A little preface to this post: I work in a research lab at UCSD and I usually go once a week on Fridays around 2PM and stay until 10PM or so (unless we have animal surgeries planned, but that’s a different story). In any case, every so often, the people in our lab (we’re actually quite a small lab for all the different projects we have going on) go out for a late night dinner since all of us skip dinner while we work. Now there aren’t a lot of places that are open at 10:30PM or later unless you just want to go to a bar or a taco shop. So our choices are usually limited and we decided on The Spot La Jolla, which is a bar/restaurant.

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Another cupcake post! I’m sure soon I’ll run out of cupcake venus to review, but until then… I’m going to be making cupcake posts because I love cupcakes and I’m always looking for new places to try (as long as they’re close enough). In any case… here’s Cups located in downtown La Jolla.

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Juice Kaboose

One of my elementary school friends came to visit today and because she was vegan, I gave her a list of restaurants and cafes in La Jolla that were vegan friendly and asked her to pick the one she wanted to try the most. And so we ended up at Juice Kaboose.

Juice Kaboose is located in downtown La Jolla and their motto is, as taken from their website, ” Organic – Gluten-Free – All Fresh – NO Concentrated Juices – Environmentally Friendly “! In a way, you could describe them as a super healthy Jamba Juice with fresher ingredients. They sell fruit and vegetable smoothies, as well as sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas, and super fruit bowls.

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