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Canadian Snacks

So after my snack swap with Australia… which people on Twitter saw. One of my friends in Canada, M., was amazingly generous. She simply offered to send me snack from Canada because she wanted me to try them! How wonderful is that? There are a lot of snacks that both the States and Canada have, so she sent me a sampling of the snacks that we definitely don’t carry here in our grocery stores. Her package arrived super quick and everything inside was delicious. THANK YOU M. <3

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Snack Swap… with Australia!

So… there’s this community on livejournal where you can sign up to swap snacks with someone else in a different country. You turn in an application and then you are paired up with someone. After that you get in contact with your swap partner, exchange emails to find out likes and dislikes (this is the time when you make requests for specific items!)… go out and buy everything, ship it out… and wait for your package to arrive!

I had been dying to do this for a very long time… and now, I finally got the chance to do it. :) My partner was from Australia and it was her first snack swap as well, so we were both learning as we went. I ended up sending her about $30 worth of snacks in a large priority box and thus shipping cost around $60. So it’s not cheap, kids. If you want to participate, you’d better be willing to throw down some serious cash for your snacks… otherwise, you might as well just order from online.

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In the dead of the night… a mysterious package arrives…

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Adagio Tea

What’s in the box?

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Birthday Cake Oreo

So I saw a photo of this on Tumblr first (or was it Twitter?) … and thought, if I found this somewhere, I absolutely needed to buy it. And as luck would have it, I went to my local CVS pharmacy to buy some Pop Chips (my favorites are the Salt & Vinegar and the Sour Cream & Onion), I spotted an entire stack of these by the cookies aisle… and so of course I bought a pack to try.

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