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Costa Brava

Long time no see! Sorry for dropping off of the face of the earth, but it’s all right because it’s not like people have been missing me, right? ;) Senior year at UCSD has been a little more hectic than I had anticipated. But anyway, here’s a post about Costa Brava – an awesome restaurant that serves amazing tapas for even better prices if you go at happy hour. (seriously, each dish is $3-5 each)

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I love food trucks and all the ones in San Diego are such quality. Hoangies is no exception. I’m so glad I accidentally discovered them last Friday when I was driving back from the post office after retrieving my package of Australian snacks.

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Dharma Dogs

Food trucks are popular in San Diego and my hope is to try at least 75% of them once before I graduate (though I’m not sure if that’ll actually pan out seeing as how my schedule is going to be hectic this quarter… and even more so next year when I’m an RA). But nevertheless… another food truck post, this time about Dharma Dogs.

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Eat At Recess

And now a post about food trucks! (because San Diego is so lucky to have so many different food trucks) Introducing quite possibly my favorite food truck ever… Eat At Recess! Amazing food, fast, friendly service, complete with the fun concept of everyone’s favorite time at elementary school… recess.

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I was on Twitter, simply scrolling through my TL when I saw the UCSD bookstore tweeting about pubcakes. PUBCAKES. I had wanted to go to their store and try some of their unique cupcakes ever since I heard about them, but never had the time since they are kind of far from UCSD.

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Frosted Robin Cupcakes

And continuing from the previous post… my friend was kind enough to bring me cupcakes! (because I’m sure everyone knows that I love cupcakes and love trying cupcakes from as many different stores as possible) She was staying in downtown San Diego and had bought these that very morning before we met up for lunch in downtown La Jolla.

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