I love food trucks and all the ones in San Diego are such quality. Hoangies is no exception. I’m so glad I accidentally discovered them last Friday when I was driving back from the post office after retrieving my package of Australian snacks.

Okay, so… I was driving on 805 N and I happened to see this brightly colored truck… and immediately I knew it was a food truck. So I told myself I would give them a try if… IF they took the same exit I did (since I was driving back to my apartment and then, later to lab). And… miraculously, they did take the same exit I did. I followed them, noting their name… and when I lost them (due to a red light) I looked for them on Twitter (haha I use Twitter more than I use Google sometimes). I realized that they were actually going right by UCSD and very near my lab. So of course I had to go. (though I did look up what kind of food they were serving before I decided to follow)

(don’t worry, I didn’t use my phone at the same time I drove) But anyway… soon, I was pulling into a parking lot and waiting in line to order with a few other people who were employees of the businesses in the area. I was a little out of place, since I was the only student (I was wearing my UCSD hoodie), but that was okay. >:D I looked up reviews of their food truck on yelp and on the web… and they really had shining reviews on the whole and I’d never really had a proper banh mi before, so I thought why not?

Here is their menu! (it’s also available on their website, so if this is hard to see, then don’t fret!)

Nicely wrapped – and it was very thoughtful of them to include a rubber band with which to hold the napkins.

One more layer…

And ta-da!


I haven’t had many Vietnamese sandwiches before, but oh my god… this was such an amazing sandwich. The first words out of my mouth after the first bite were literally oh my god this is amazing.

The sandwich was stuffed full of pork – absolutely juicy, delicious, mouth-watering pork shoulder – that had been sweet marinated. It was heavenly. The French roll was wonderfully soft and not too thick so as to take up more volume per bite, rather it was the vessel that carried all the sandwich fixings. The pickled vegetables were fantastic too – not overly sweet but a good contrast to the pork. Personally I would have loved it if they were more sour, but I think I enjoy stronger tastes so this amount of sour in the pickled vegetables would be ideal for most. The cucumber was an added bonus of refreshment and crunch in between all the meat as well.

Their spicy aioli and French butter were the cherries on top, so to say – again, very complementary in the overall taste in the sandwich. I didn’t find their spicy aioli to be very spicy and I’m not usually a fan of spicy so I think people who are wary of spicy foods will be happy with this and people who love spicy can simply add siracha or ask for extra aioli.


All their sandwiches actually include cilantro and jalapenos as well – and you can add a fried egg in for an extra dollar. I decided to forgo the cilantro and jalapenos – but I’m sure people who enjoy either or both would find them delightful additions to the sandwich.

Super fast and friendly service. Sandwiches are made fresh and I am so glad I took a chance on this food truck. I definitely would come back for more because just… wow. I doubt any other Vietnamese sandwich in San Diego can compare.

Location: Rotation!


4 thoughts on “Hoangies

  1. grace says:

    good for you to have this new experience.

  2. Ann says:


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